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Bastianelli Home is the brainchild of Ezio Bastianelli and Laura Baldini to create a chain of stylish apartments in the heart of Rome but cost can provide an environment that is able to reconcile the different expectations of an attentive and demanding, but without having a prohibitive cost.

"Our mission is to pamper the customer and to make the visit to Rome a moment of relaxation in the sign of well-being in 360 degrees".

To allow this Bastianelli Home apartments are all located in the city center, convenient for walking around the city 'and ideal for discovering Rome a thousand shades having on hand all the main monuments.

The elegance of the furnishings, the attention to detail in a scene from the Arabian Nights will make your stay unforgettable. As can be seen from the photographs, the decor of the apartments is studied in detail. The taste of the houses and 'harmonious and elegant, ethnic flavor and essential but at the same time sophisticated and attractive.

The pictures, tables, lamps, alcoves, beds, fabrics, perfumes, have been completely designed and created by art design Ezio Bastianelli through a careful selection of natural materials such as cotton, linen, gauze, jute, wood, cinnamon, resin and plaster.

Ezio Bastianelli through a synergistic game, wanted to merge natural architecture and well-being in a location where materials, lights, shapes and colors contribute to the stimulation of the senses, through subtle metaphors describing the process of purification of the body and spirit.

"The purpose and mission are to surprise the tourist to get it back"!

Bastianelli Home with his style and suggestions intended to represent a fixture in Rome offering clients a holiday is different each time and continuous discovery which remain always surprised at the corners of a city 'that you never leave completely grasp.

Laura Baldini and Ezio Bastianelli


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